Wednesday, October 27, 2010

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Galactik FootBall Images

The story begins during a football match between the home team of planet Akillian and the Shadows. Akillians have a direct free kick, to be taken by their captain, Aarch. As he takes the free kick an explosion is heard and an avalanche sweeps over the stadium, marking the beginning of the Akillian Ice Age and the loss of The Breath, Akillian's own Flux. The plot then jumps forward 15 years. Aarch and his friend Clamp, a robotic technician, arrive back on Akillian for the first time since the game. Aarch aims to create a new Akillian Galactik Football team capable of winning the Cup, and selects a group of talented teenagers for his team: D'Jok, Sinedd, Micro-Ice, Mei, Thran, Ahito, Rocket and Tia. However, Rocket's father and Aarch's brother do not want him on the team and agree only to let him play. On the condition that the newly named Snow Kids will win a match against the incumbent Akillian team, the Red Tigers, who are coached by Aarch's estranged old friend and team-mate Artegor Nexus. During her try-out Tia reveals that she still has the power of the long-lost Breath. The Snow Kids beat the Red Tigers, becoming the new Akillian team. However, an embittered Artegor lures Sinedd away from the Snow Kids and recruits him to the Shadows, whom he has agreed to coach. The Snow Kids progress through the competition and one-by-one they develop the Breath of Akillian, despite some intra-team tensions caused by Tia and Rocket's burgeoning relationship and Micro-Ice's unrequited crush on Mei. Unknown to any of them however, is that all seven of the players have been affected by the Meta-Flux, a synthetic undetectable Flux, inadvertently created by Clamp and pirate Sonny Blackbones, that was the true origin of the Akillian Ice Age. This Flux is now coveted by the ruthless General Bleylock, who happily endangers the Snow Kids to get his hands on it. It is only with the help of Clamp and his old partner, the pirate Sonny Blackbones, that the Snow Kids are able to escape General Bleylock's machinations and win the Galactik Football Cup.
Season 2
Following their win of the last GFC the "Snow Kids" prepare to defend their title. However, disaster strikes, first when their goalkeeper Ahito is struck down with a mysterious sickness and then when Rocket, their captain, is banned from playing after he illegally uses the Breath in order to save Tia's life. Because of this ban, D'Jok becomes the new captain... As the Snow Kids add two players, Yuki and Mark, Ahito recovers on Akillian and Sinedd introduces Rocket to a secret one-on-one sport called Netherball. Rocket soon becomes champion of the Netherball Sphere but the violent attitude of the game takes a psychological toll. Meanwhile, Bleylock has returned and is using the Sphere to siphon off the players' Flux, which he wants to use to manufacture weapons. Bleylock unleashes the first of these weapons on the Shadows' Archipelago, destroying the Shadow team's Flux, and engineers it to look like the Pirates are to blame. Meanwhile, the loss of the Smog causes Artegor to fall sick; as he is nursed back to health he and Aarch repair their friendship. Ahito's return to the team revives the Snow Kids' flagging spirits but even after his ban is lifted, Rocket refuses to leave the Sphere to return to his team. Only when Tia challenges and defeats him does he then agree to quit Netherball, and return to the Snow Kids. The Snow Kids play against the Xenons in the final, and though the match is disrupted by Bleylock's attempts to take revenge, they manage to retain their title, via a penalty shoot-out. Bleylock is betrayed by his assistant Harris, who sabotages his ship, causing his payload to detonate while still aboard and killing him. The shock wave generated by the 2 Flux devices exploding puts Genesis Stadium into ruin.
Season 3
1 year after their 2nd GF Cup victory in succession, the mysterious Lord Phoenix invites everyone in the galaxy to a special mixed- flux tournament on the planet Paradisia. After a bad friendly match against the Shadows, D'Jok and Mei have an argument causing Mei to dump D'Jok and join the Shadows. Yuki leaves the Snow Kids temporarily to join the Elektras and D'Jok also leaves the team after being recruited by Team Paradisia. A Wamba named Lun-Zia joins the Snow Kids for the mixed- flux tournament.

Monday, October 18, 2010

L (Lawliet) Images

L is the world's top-rated detective and tasked with tracking down and arresting Kira. He often takes drastic strategies to confuse and force the hand of his opponents, and his disheveled appearance disguises his brilliance. He enjoys sugar, and in nearly every scene including him, he is found eating cake or confectionery and drinking highly sweetened coffee. L often misleads people with his behavior as well as his appearance. He sits in an unusual position, and he always wears the same articles of clothing. He believes if he did not sit in his usual manner he would lose 40% of his investigative abilities. He has a habit of chewing on his thumb and holds things delicately. Watari is the only one who is able to contact him. He has a few aliases, two being detectives Eraldo Coil and Denueve. Eraldo Coil is considered the second best detective in the world, Denueve being third. L has many aliases, though he acquired the ones Eraldo Coil and Deneuve in a battle between the real detectives. The two were defeated, and so L claimed their aliases. The alias L means nothing to him out of the myriad of others he possesses, as they are only there to keep him safe. However, the alias L is the most famous one. His real name is L.Lawliet, 'L' meaning "Last One", as no one was able to surpass him while he was alive, or "Lost One" which he was given at Wammy's House. L always suspected Light was Kira, but his suspicions were not confirmed until his dying moment.

Mello Images

Mello, a character present in the anime and manga versions, was an orphan who grew up with Near and Matt in Wammy's House, Watari's shelter for "gifted" children. Like Near and Matt, Mello was one of the candidates to become L's successor. Similar to L's fondness for sweets, he is often seen eating bars of chocolate. Although Mello is quite intelligent, he often lets his emotions get the better of him. His goal in life is to surpass L and Near. His real name is Mihael Keehl.

Misa Amane Images

A girl with an immense crush on Kira, Misa is a popular Japanese idol. She is immature and tends to refer to herself in the third person in an attempt to be cute. She is completely devoted to Light, saying that she loved him at first sight, although the feeling is hardly mutual- since Light merely views her as a rather annoying asset and uses her. In the manga version, she kills herself after Light's death, which is implied in the anime's finale. What happens to her after the film version is uncertain- the only remaining characters whose fates are revealed are L and the Yagami family.

Yagami light Images

The main character in Death Note, Light is an extremely intelligent, yet bored 17-year old student who is not satisfied with the current justice system. When he finds the Death Note intentionally dropped in the human world by the shinigami Ryuk, he decides to use it to kill criminals. He earns the title Kira, the Japanese pronounciation of the English word killer. His ultimate goal is to cleanse the world of evil and create a world without criminals. He intends to reign over this new world as its "god" and goes mad with power.