Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hidan Images and Wallpapers

Hidan (飛段) is the immortal, foul-mouthed, and sadomasochistic partner of Kakuzu and a former ninja of Yugakure, the Village Hidden in Boiling Water.He is a member of the Jashin (ジャシン, lit. "evil god") religion, a religion that worships a deity of the same name and where wreaking anything less than death and utter destruction in battle is considered a sin. His religion's experimentations have led to the creation of his unique abilities; by consuming an opponent's blood and then drawing Jashin's triangular-design on the ground, Hidan can create a voodoo doll-like link with his opponent. Once this link is created, any damage done to Hidan's body is reflected on his opponent, allowing him to kill them by giving himself fatal injuries. Because he is immortal, Hidan is not impaired while doing this, instead finding pleasure in the pain it causes him. After Hidan uses this ability to kill Asuma Sarutobi, Shikamaru Nara fights him to avenge his teacher. Their battle culminates in Hidan being blown up, and Shikamaru burying his still-speaking remains in a place Akatsuki will never be able to reach.As such, Hidan is no longer considered a member by the rest of Akatsuki.

Hashirama Senju Images and Wallpapers

The legendary First Lord Hokage. Known as He Who Brought Peace to the Land and created the Hidden Leaf Village. He created a peace treaty with the Uchiha clan and forged an agreement with the land of fire, creating the hidden leaf. The villagers unanimously decided to select Hashirama as the First Hokage of the leaf. As Hokage, he was master of the fabled Wood-Style Ninjutsu. He also had the power to control the tailed beasts, such as the Nine-Tailed Fox. He died honorably in battle but not before choosing to elevate his brother, Tobirama Senju as the Second Lord Hokage.

Haku Images and Wallpapers

Haku (白, Haku) was a villager from the Land of Water, and a member of the Yuki Clan. He later became a Ninja after meeting Zabuza Momochi.
He had a unique blood limit and he was a very cool ninja.

Four-Tailed Monkey Images and Wallpapers

A four tailed monkey beast and his jinchuriki.

Five-Tailed Dolphin Horse Images and Wallpapers

A JinchUriki With five tailed Beasts chakra wiThin Him.

Danzō Shimura Images and Wallpapers

Danzō Shimura (志村ダンゾウ, Shimura Danzō) was a Konoha elder and leader of the unofficial ANBU faction named "Root". He was later appointed as the Sixth Hokage Candidate (六代目火影候補, Rokudaime Hokage Kōho) after Pain's invasion.

Monday, February 7, 2011

InAzuma ElevEn Images and Wallpapers

Inazuma Eleven is a science fiction soccer manga series by Ten'ya Yabuno based on the Nintendo DS video game series of the same title. It has been published by Shogakukan in CoroCoro Comic since the June 2008 issue. The manga series won the 2010 Kodansha Manga Award in the Children's Manga category.

The main character, Endou Mamoru, is a very talented goalkeeper and the grandson of one of the strongest goalkeepers in Japan, who died before he was born. Even though his skills are incredible his school lacks a real soccer club as the 6 other members don't appear very interested even in training. But as soon as a mysterious forward called Gouenji moves to Endou's town, the young goalkeeper sets out to find and recruit members for his soccer team. From there, Endou meets players from all around as he and his team play their own soccer. His love for soccer leads him to win the Football Frontier Internationals, the biggest soccer championship.